At Banana Climbing, we work with climbing gyms around Singapore to provide you with the best rock climbing experience

There’s absolutely no monkey business! Our top priority is to share our love and knowledge of climbing with you in a fun and casual way.

At the end of your climb, it is our hope that you go home smiling, with an immense sense of satisfaction - having clocked in a fantastic workout and having learnt something new about yourself.

Our certified rock climbing coaches are always keeping an eye out for ways to keep things fresh and appeeling, so that no matter how much experience you’ve had, the sport of climbing will never grow old. 

Come join our bunch, and we can be BFFs, Banana-Friends-Forever! We have both rock climbing for kids and rock climbing for adults.



Created out of a desire to spread the love of climbing, Banana Climbing is the brainchild of a competitive rock climber / ex-national climber in Singapore.

(PS: Climbing since he was 17, this sport enthusiast has participated in many local and international competitions including the IFSC Bouldering World Cups. He is also a coach for the sport in several schools!)

Not only does he have 10 years of rock climbing experience in his chalk bag, but he is also fully certified to certify. Most importantly, he never monkeys around when it comes to your safety!